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The Omen: good or bad?

Yesterday was filled with promise, despite the cool breeze the sun washed over everything and brightened up each view. I had a mission, well not really, an appointment. Instead of my last minute rush - I decided to start early and take things at a more leisurely pace. I was then able to enjoy the scenery on the way. This paid off - as for the first time I saw the 'English pyramid' all on the same day. I am talking about three specific plants all out in bloom on the same day: the wild bluebell (this was my first spy as it was in a great swathe in one of the lanes), the wild primrose (I spotted two of these plants each had a display of about five flowers fully open), and lastly a merry cowslip just one plant (it was such a sturdy specimen and had four heads of flowers on quite thick stems - so I stopped and walked over to it just to make sure it wasn't an oxlip!)

Everything in the country has a meaning - for instance: red sky at night shepherd's delight which means a red sky in the evening usually signifies a good day to follow. A shoal of mackerel in the sky - clouds known to locals as a mackerel sky means a glorious sunny day will follow. The world probably knows "when the cows lie down the sky wears a frown" and cows lying down means that rain will shortly follow. The list is endless - but I'm not sure what the sight of the 'English pyramid' signifies ... Many of the old country folk that used to be able to tell you the answer to everything are no longer there to ask. Much of what they used to pass on has never been published in books and of course blogs were not even dreamed of. I shall have to try and find out and add it as a note at the end of this blog - if I ever do. Perhaps the only way I shall find out is to wait and see what happens in this coming year - that may, of course, give me the answer!



MamaFlo said...

I know exactly what you are saying......my grandmothers gave me so much insight into my world, my being and now that they are gone I don't have those insightful women to give me guidance.
Everything does have meaning as we are all one and to know about the weather is to know about yourself.

Jena Isle said...

Nice post, very "open" and speaks about yourself. Happy blogging.