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This is a comment related to a post on Health Nut Wannabee Mom ~ 20 Cancer Fighting Foods To Give You That Extra Prevention Punch Heidi had mentioned on her blog post about curry containing curcumin and its relevant benefits - check the post out for more information. I wanted to add that I had found turmeric particularly useful. (I firstly purchased some Turmeric tablets as pain killers then on a particularly dry, hot Summer's day found that they appeared to stop the effects of hayfever which I occasionally experience. I then decided to read up on their properties and found them to have anti-histamin qualities) Turmeric can be purchased in tablet form (it contains around 95% curcumin).

Turmeric is listed as an anti-histamine and pain killer but also has anti-viral properties - in addition it allegedly has the ability to be able to mop up the unstable oxygen molecules that are commonly known as 'free radicals' which cause extensive cell damage.

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