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Chinese puzzle

I have to congratulate China for her opening ceremony to the Olympic Games ... it was truly breathtaking and wonderful that so many Chinese citizens participated. Thankfully, all of the good points of China's very long history was encapsulated into this theatre spectacle.

The number 8 is a lucky number in China ... that is why the games began today!


The Mommy and Me Boutique said...

The Olympic opening was indeed spectacular. I especially enjoy how they showed the mass of people involved and the percission it took to carry the events out.


I thought it was brilliant and could not tear myself away!

S. A. Hart said...

I agree that it was a stunning performance. In fact, I wrote about it at length on my art blog, The Artist's Muse at http://www.sharonahart.blogspot.com . You might want to check out the post entitled "All That Glitters is Not Gold" for more information about the show.

Patricia Rockwell said...

It was beautifully done. I liked how they combined film technique and dance.