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Soft, sweet, scented Summer beeswax

The leaves that seal the bee nursery chambers are changing. They are now beginning to ooze with soft, sweet beeswax (you can smell its distinctive perfume). Some parts of the top leaves have crisped and curled away from the seal leaving the thick wax coated ones beneath. There was one guardian bee deep in one of the chambers and another rather aggressive bee circling and buzzing loudly around me whilst I was taking this picture - I took no more. I did return to the little insect house, late in the evening and lightly brushed the few cobwebs off the chambers. It would be a shame for the newly hatched baby bees to become embroiled in cobweb!
Beeswax chamber seals
Factoid fun: the ground underneath your feet (the earth) increases in size by a metre (just over 39 inches) every century. This is due to dust continually settling on its surface. Therefore, every day - every step that you take is a brand new one slightly higher than the step that you took yesterday. Imagine the scientists and mathematicians that are continually probing into the weight and measurement of the earth with sums that are continually changing every day ...


Solomon said...

I love the smell of fresh beeswax. Whenever I see it, I always want to buy some and make something with it.

Susan Helene Gottfried said...

That's cool. I have a couple of friends who raise bees -- one local, one not -- and this is a glimpse into bees I haven't seen yet.

Mystery Ranch said...

Wanted to drop my card, but could find no EC widget. Lots of adds but no place to drop. Love your stories about bees. Yes, the smell of beeswax is incredible, but then think of all the time they spend in the flowers!

Drunken Dragon said...

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Thank you