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Safe sibling snugglers

The caterpillars are now down to nine ... they have moved up from the flower buds at the end of the leaf (which were thoroughly munched through) and up to the next leaf. They have grown quite a lot over night ... and as the rain came down they all made small piles of green excrement (the size of pearl barley or pudding rice grains) then crawled to safety on the underside of the same leaf sheltering from the wet.
Nine caterpillars


Tina said...

That is a cool picture when you enlarge it.

Metropolismom said...

My little Chesca will surely love to play this little caterpillars. She is fascinated to new things especially anything that moves. hahaha

Thanks for sharing the pics love!

love lots

Drunken Dragon said...

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Jacqueline said...

Such an amazing life for those caterpillars. What you do takes lots of patience.

Henson Ray said...

Cool pictures. What kind of flowers are those? Hollyhocks or Nasturtiums (sp?)? I have a bunch in my backyard, which I thought were Hollyhocks, but everyone tells me differently.

jakill said...

I counted over twenty on my nasturtiums this morning. Last week I put about a hundred of them in my compost heap with their half eaten leaves. The little blighters are devastating my flower bed.