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Phew!!!!!! What a week it's been, culminating in my daughter being burgled. How I despise someone who would blatantly damage and steal especially from an ordinary, hard working person. Someone, in this case my daughter, who goes out to work to earn the money and save for her needs and wants. The thought of going out to work and coming home to find that your home has been disregarded and your property damaged and/or taken by someone who treats you with less respect than a surgeon would treat a minute bacteria.

I have no time for people who would take from others ... leaving them feeling vulnerable and wondering if anyone is still in the building, perhaps upstairs in a bedroom. How could one person do this to another?

I can't listen to excuses or do-gooders - for in this day and age, there is no excuse. If a person is blessed with parents who can't be bothered to 'bring their children up properly' there is still no excuse. We are surrounded with media from the earliest twitch in the womb 'we all know good and evil,' 'we all know right and wrong,' 'we all know that there are very few people on the earth who can actually have everything that they want!'

I have always been enthralled when anthropologists tell us that we are all related ... all coming from two females who were sisters ... possibly having genes from Neanderthals running through our bodies (Neanderthals giving us the power of speech). Yes my friends, in this big boiling pot of a human race where one man will slay another it is ironic that travelling back far enough in time this could be his brother. I respect everyone, the whole wide world. I don't expect everyone to be as me and to have my views and opinions but I am angered at a person who would treat another human being so shabbily as to break into their home and steal items that they have saved for years to buy!


Linda said...

Geez ... we now live in a world of folks who have no respect for another human. I agree with you 100 percent! what happened to love and peace? Hope they find whomever did this and hang them by their finger nails!

marc.crabiz said...

Yes the person who did this is pure garbage. They should do time and a lot of it I've been robbed before and it really rocks your world for months. I hope they catch the lowlife.

Kathleen said...

I am very sorry this happened to your daughter and I would be very angry. My grown kids have had "friends" come into our home only to find things missing later. It makes me sick!

Dave said...

People like this need to strung up by the b****. The same happened to my grandmother at the age of 80, It was such a shock to her that she had a stroke, Unfortunately she left hospital in a coffin. The burglar was never caught.

tashabud said...

Incomprehensible immediately comes to my mind to describe such actions. I'd be hopping mad as you too if that were to happen to my family. I hope that the robber is caught. It's a good thing that your daughter was not home at the time and was safe from possible physical harm.

MamaFlo said...

I'm so sorry to hear about the burglary, how is your daughter fairing? My son and his wife's home was burglarized (before they had Rudy) and they were both so traumatized. They had a security system installed but still are afraid to leave the house unattended for more than just work.
I'm just sick of these low life people taking things that they didn't work for, that aren't their property. Unfortunately our society breeds these people with giving out so much aid when they could work (if they can break into homes, they can work).
Aaaarggggg, pisses me off.