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Sunday snap - Sunday snack

Today, I thought I would check on the caterpillar family ... they are now down to seven. Six - have broken up into two lots of three and are quite sturdy munching away on the Nasturtium leaves. The seventh is a little smaller, it looks somewhat frailer, less mature ... it is a lot more active than its six brothers and sisters and for some strange reason seems to prefer to eat the more tender flowers of the plant. (I tried moving it onto a leaf but it quickly crawled back down the stem and onto a flower - I'm not sure why this one has decided on a different diet to the other six!)
Seven remaining Cabbage White caterpillars

Factoid fun: snap is a term used in Yorkshire for snack, lunch or small meal. It was primarily used when workers would take their mid-day meal in a 'snap tin' and stop work for snap (a bite to eat) ...


MoneyEnergy said...

Hm, at first I thought the snap referred to you eating the caterpillars! :)

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Dagny said...

Interesting to watch the personalities of creatures. I work with 126 dogs each with their own habits and tastes. Seems like these caterpillars also have their own likings.

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Jacqueline said...

Absolutely amazing how everything and everyone comes into this world with their own unique personality!

Ask Ms Recipe said...

All creature big and small have their own mind. Sometimes caterpillars can be a nightmare.
Ask Ms Recipe

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