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Shhhh! Secret sowing

Every day I place a variety of bird food outside on the bird table. All sorts of different things which include chopped apples, dates, currents, nuts and 'the amazing mixture of seeds' labelled "wild bird food" that is available in most British hardware shops, supermarkets, corner shops, nurseries and even fancy goods shops. Each contain a wide choice of various seeds which escape and lodge themselves between the paving and in amongst the flower beds as various birds drop them hither and thither. I usually manage to pull most of these would be 'weeds' out before they get too large but I noticed that one such seed looked remarkably like a sunflower and I had forgotten to plant any this year to I left it to grow. I thought I'd take a picture of it ... and whilst wrapping myself around the bird table to take it ... down buzzed a most beautiful bumble bee. (I have allowed another 'weed' to grow alongside the sunflower - as I didn't recognize the leaf and thought I'd like to find out what plant it would turn into!)
Today, a heron came into the garden and stood, longingly looking at the fish in the pond ... thank goodness that we have a net over it at present ... or we might have ended up with a somewhat empty pond!!!


Solomon said...

The bee arriving at the right time is quite cool.

dj said...

What a lovely sunflower, and I'm glad the fish pond was safe!

Marty said...

Beautiful photos of a beautiful flower.

ask ms recipe said...

Beautiful sunflower photos.

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