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Christmas plops through the door

The first Christmas card has ‘plopped’ through the letterbox and on to the hall carpet! … not long now and Christmas will be upon us with all of its wonderful, magical moments. The poor ‘old’ letterbox will be working overtime up until the last post – (the letterbox is spring-loaded on the outside with a metal flap on the inside … which clatters every time the postman pushes envelopes through the door – but at least it keeps out the draught!)

Christmas card 2008

I must admit, I usually don’t start writing Christmas cards until December has at least peeped through. I love to use a fountain pen with washable blue ink – this tends to slow down the writing and hopefully gives it a neater appearance. I would like to take this opportunity to wish each and every one ‘Greetings of the Season.’



Karen & Gerard Zemek said...

Thank you, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you too. We just got our first Christmas card yesterday too! Getting those cards out is such a chore, I'd better get started on mine soon!

LizzyT said...

Christmas if fast approaching and I haven't even bought my Christmas cards. I had better put them on my list for this weekends shopping.

Romancing Italy said...

This IS one of the reasons I love Christmas...sending cards. I like writing, esp with a fountain pen, but I don't do it often enough during the year. However, at Christmas, it gets extra special when I sit down to write a few cards. Getting it to the Post Office is another story!!!