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When I was a very little girl, I used to like going into Woolworths. The counters were just the right height for a child to peer at - and they sold plasticine which I used to love to play with. (Plasticine is a child’s modelling clay that comes in a selection of colours – it requires needing to make it pliable so that it can be rolled, pulled and squashed into a wonderful creation.) It cost the princely sum of sixpence (six old pennies that is two-and-a-half pence in today’s current monetary system). There was always something a child could buy at Woolworths – they had items from one penny upwards!

A few years back the store was overhauled and revamped … which resulted in high walled shelves soaring to heights greater than most of the customers. Items became out-of-reach and somehow I felt alienated, claustrophobic, and feeling that I could get mugged without anyone seeing for in between the narrow, tall aisles – I was invisible. Whereas, at one time, it was possible to stand at the door and form a rough idea where the item you wanted would be – now there is a sea of almost floor to ceiling shelving and the customer friendliness that was there in the beginning has left the building.

It has been announced today that there are problems at Woolworths … with such a shop layout – I am not surprised!


Shinade said...

Hi Polly,
I am just getting back up and running. so far it is a slow go but I am going.

I am on a new satellite so it will be slow for the first few days.

Oh my I feel as if I have been away forever.

thank you for your support and encouragement.

And I loved Woolworth' s also. Oh I used to love to go the sandwich counter and have a tuna sandwich!!

Love and big big hugs!!


I remember those old stores (drugstores and the like). They were so much fun to go to with the little diners. Now everything is so big and all about more, more, more.

SlogBite said...

You brought back memories of Woolworths. I, too, remember the counters that were kid-high and seeing the entire layout of the store.....fond memories of yesterday.


Mike Golch said...

Woolworth's has not been in the Cleveland area for years.I'm surprized that they were still in business at all.