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Meme theme

Those of you who know me will be surprised at this particular posting as ‘I never do memes’ so I have made an exception just this once. My blogging friends Karen and Gerard Zemek presented me with this unusual one and thought I might like to try it out. So here I am ‘dipping my toe’ into a meme theme! Karen and Gerard have two blogs by the way so why not take a trip over to each of them to take a look … Karen & Gerard Zemek and My funny dad, Harry.

Now ……. let me get down to the business in hand, namely that of the meme. Firstly, I need to pick a book. I am told that it should not be my favourite book so I will need to close my eyes – can I do that without peeping? I will try. Right, I have managed to do this without squinting – the first book that I have put my hand onto is called Song of BE it is by Lesley Beake it is published by Hamish Hamilton Ltd who are part of the Penguin Group. It was first published in South Africa in 1991 and in Great Britain in 1995.

The actual meme reads as follows:

1 Pick up a book

2 Open the book at page 56

3 Find the fifth sentence

4 Post the text of the next two to five sentences

5 Choose something other than your favourite book, don’t look for one that you think others will be impressed with.

6 Tag five people to do the same

Those are the rules … and so here are the contents of the book …

‘I went to /Aotcha which was my n!lore, the place where I belonged, the place of my fathers. I went there and I found my people had gone to a new place which was not our n!lore, a place where the white people said we must come, because they wanted to help us. They said they would build houses for us and there would be jobs and we would be … civilized. Yes, civilized was the word they used. For us it was a place of death.’

Not everyone will want to join in and try this meme but I would like to pass is on to the following blogs for them to do a post on it if they would like:

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and a special little note … for those of you who have not yet had a go at a post on a meme … why not have a go at this one … you could leave your website link in my comments box and join in. :)

I hope that the rest of you enjoyed my mystery book … it is a very small, sad, interesting book – but if you choose to read it be prepared to feel upset – a taste of real life can sometimes be very upsetting!


Karen & Gerard Zemek said...

Thanks for participating and for the links back to both my blogs. I never heard of the book you are reading, it's a new one for me.

tha said...

good site

liza said...

hi polly! thanks for thinking of me on this one. i've done this a long time ago, here's the link


but i'll see if i can come up again with another book ;)

take care. *hugs*

chilly said...

Hi Polly! Thanks for the tag and the link! It was a pleasure to participate in doing this for you. :-)
Have a great up coming week!

Kikey Loo said...

i am only read Chinese book..
can i write in Chinese?