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Kangaroo - ancient answers?

I have always found Australia fascinating and have admired the way that they have embraced nature. People over the years have pontificated about what undiscovered cures may be available to us in the rain forests of the world. The human race has taken animals and bred in certain qualities and bred out others to achieve the farm animals that we have today. We have gained valuable food sources by doing this but what have we lost? It is now evident that kangaroos being primitive creatures untouched by man have a secret weapon. Their digestive system is the same as all other mammals with the exception that the bacteria in their guts create acetate which fully aids their digestion resulting in totally gas free bowels. They simply do not produce any gas whatsoever - they do not fart! Kangaroos therefore do not produce any greenhouse gasses and when that is compared to cattle - the average cow produces enough gas to fill a 40 to 45 gallon drum - approximately 250 litres of methane per animal, per day.


Over The Top Aprons said...

Very interesting article. Thanks for visiting my blog; I am so glad you saved your apron. I wore aprons as a young mother and of course my mother and mother in-law-. My mother made me some wonderful aprons, but, sadly I did not keep any of them. It is fun to see so many young women wearing their aprons, for cooking and for entertaining.

Carol said...

Kangaroos don't fart? I dunno. . . with all that jumping around, it's hard to imagine.

This is the kind of learning my kids like. Will pass along this non-flatulent tidbit for cure.

MamaFlo said...

I wonder what that says about me then - I fart all the time, I'm so full of gas that my little pooch from my bikini C-sections is always bloated.
I just let em rip most of the time - I get stares but hey I'm afraid of all that gas building up inside of me - LOL!!!