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Sweet soft snowberry secretly sneaks ...

Although winter is obviously on the way and much of the traditional weather of the Autumn hasn't really happened it is still interesting to take a look at the various borders and see what new items have arrived. Today, whilst snipping back a little of the honeysuckle I was surprised to see some white berries peeping up through the rambling branches. It was a snowberry. It was well hidden as the leaves resemble those of the variety of honeysuckle that rambles along the fence. I was more than a little surprised as I hadn't planted a snowberry bush and as it isn't native to Britain the berries are alleged to not ripen enough for the seeds to germinate into new plants in our gardens. So perhaps a bird had dropped a seed and somehow it has managed to grow. As this one apparently had defied all odds and has not only grown but also developed quite a strong base section.

These plants usually throw out new shoots from below and this is the easiest way to produce a new plant. They are apparently quite prolific shoot producers - so my question is should I dig this lovely winter berry up or should I keep it and hope that it doesn't kill off my lovely old woody honeysuckle or woodbine?

My honeysuckle is especially precious to me as it is a cutting off my mother's plant which she loved very much.


Shinade said...

Hi Polley,
I love honeysuckle too. I have it growing every where.

Now for your question about the tool bar.

I use it all the time and so far so good.

Sometimes I go choose random and some times I choose Popular.

To get more in faster I usually do Popular. And I simply keep going on and on until my browser won't take anymore.

Then I close out all windows except for one. And I hit the arrow to go again.

But, if you change in between popular, random , or any other setting while you are dropping it can get quite confusing.

So I always stay under one category only.

Also never close down that browser once you start dropping. If you do it will start you all over again. And you will be loading pages that you have already dropped on.

The only time it has ever stopped counting for me was today when I hit 300 drops for the very first time.

After 300 it won't count them any longer.

It really does make it a lot easier after you get used to it. And I am pretty sure that it only works correctly in Firefox.

IE will not do it.

I hope that helps some. And I love having you drop by. So please drop in and ramble any old time!!:-)


I hate to say it but I had not heard of snowberry before. I love your pictures and thanks for your nice comment. Costa Rica rejuvenated me.

Liza said...

oh polly, if the honeysuckle is so precious then i'd say dig! lol.

thanks for always dropping by ;)

take care.

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