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Common cerise Christmas cactus

At last within the few days my standard ordinary common Christmas cactus is blooming … its flowers full and statuesque jut out from its shark-egg shaped leaves. Magnificent.




… now … Christmas is surely on the way! :)

Many years ago, I had one of these beautiful plants and had grown it into a fine specimen of approximately eighteen to twenty inches across in every direction. I made the most dreadful mistake to listen to advice on a gardening programme on the television which recommended that these plants fared and flowered much better when allowed to sit outside for a few months of the year. Out went my prize possession, lovingly fed and watered as instructed by the same programme. That year we had an unseasonal extremely early frost - just a mild one, but it was a ground one. The next day my beautiful cactus plant was 'soft mush' not even one part was retrievable - not a leaf remained with which to take a cutting from. I am very careful about following advice from television or radio programmes now.

Flowering note: I usually allow my cactus to dry out for four or five weeks for a month or so before the flowering season. I then soak them with a liquid feed and plenty of water (just once) before going back to watering them with a splash about once each week. This produces a large quantity of flowers which last until well after Christmas. I often repeat the process a few months after Christmas which encourages a fresh blossoming at Easter and, if I remember, I sometimes have a third flowering season during the Summertime! :)


Angelika said...

Cool! Where did you get it?

The only Cacti I see around here are the ones that end up with the yellow flowers.

Kikey Loo said...

Christmas cactus is very nice.. :)

Ritchiela Anyi said...

The flowers looked like a purple orchid...lovely!

Richard said...

I used to have one of these and was able to keep it in flower year long. Very hot apartment and I kept it in the hottest area. Also, watered it a lot.
Then I moved house and there was no spot equal to the apart. Sad, I liked that flower.
Stumbled your post.

Rhonda said...

What beautiful coloring! Thank you for sharing the pictures!