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Blue Monday

It’s the unhappiest day of the year and that’s official … the day is called ‘Blue Monday’ and it is the third Monday in the month of January. It is the day when the human race feels at its worst, most depressed, sad and vulnerable – it is recognised as the worst day of the year. It stems from unpaid bills, terrible weather, New Year’s resolutions broken and tossed aside and the reality that everything that has been placed at the back of the mind over the Winter holiday season … has now reared up to haunt us all.

So on a positive note … things can only get better!!


Karen, author of "My Funny Dad, Harry" said...

This is the first I've of of "blue Monday." HA! I have broken one of my resolutions already, but not because I didn't try. I tried adding CommentLuv to my one blog and after wasting an hour of my time, was unsuccessful, but also didn't like how it looked so I have chucked that idea.

Anonymous said...

I had no idea about that! Makes sense, all of my buddies were so down yesterday.

I'm good though! ;)

I hope you are as well!

dawn said...

At least this particular 'Blue Monday' was followed by the inauguration of President Elect Obama.
A day that seems so positive and full of HOPE!!!