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Looking, looking … Lost

Today, I found myself rummaging through cupboards and drawers searching for something I had misplaced a few weeks ago. I don’t know how many times I have found myself in a similar position over the years. It happens when I decide to “put something away to keep it safe.” Sometimes, it’s piece of paper with a name and address, current email or telephone number on … sometimes it’s an old fashioned photograph prior to the digital age. Usually, it’s something I know that I will want, possibly within the next month or two. I must be like a squirrel! Why do I do it? I can never easily find my precious possession once I have dispatched it to its safe location … it just seems to evaporate my waking hours as I spend time looking and looking and saying to myself that the item is ‘lost!’

The inevitability of the loss before I have even begun the search does usually bring on compensations however. I always find previous lost items that I have misplaced in a similar fashion when I am looking for the current item. So I thought I would share my latest find with you. At the back of a cupboard behind various household items I spied a brown paper bag. It was crisp and neat and folded around a small oblong wedge of an item. I gently retrieved it and opened it up … I neither could remember placing it there or what it contained … this was almost like receiving a present as I pealed back the brown paper bag to reveal the contents.

This is what I found:




… early photographs of my cat, whilst she was still a kitten. Sadly they are not as crisp as the digital photographs of today. Her scratching post is lovely and new and has its original ball on a string instead of an old fluffy grey chewed mouse!

Well, I still have to go on looking and looking as I have lost the item I am seeking at this particular moment in time.


Kikey Loo said...

next time write down the thing and the place that you put them! :)

ur cat is cute~

mincognita said...

I think what we need is a drawer that is clearly labeled "safe place." ;)


I adore your cat! Maybe because I have one almost exactly the same! I will put a picture of Camila (our cat-okay one of many) on my blog for you to see. Love the tuxedo cats!

Matt said...

Well, Polly, if you ever figure out a system for remembering where you hid those items for "safe-keeping" you let the rest of us know, okay?

Why is it that when we put something somewhere we know we will find it when we need it, we never can? Crazy! Although, it is a nice surprise to find it at a later date, after you had forgotten all about it.

Carol @ iPentimento | Genealogy and More said...

Gosh, you are alot like me! And, I have to say I am always surprised at how many people have a tux cat like we do. Our boy Rocky adopted us 16 years ago and is still going strong.

Reeni♥ said...

Your cat is beautiful, with such piercing eyes. I, too put things away for safekeeping, so safe I can't even find them!! Thanks for all the sweet comments you leave me!!

Mike Golch said...

Cats give us so much joy! even thought I'm leaving entre card,I still will be following your blog.

Windmill said...

Awwww! what a good find.

Old pics always pulls at the heartstrings.

Jade said...

These are just gorgeous...and adorable! It reminds me my of my own childhood kitten. :) Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

It's so great when you come across long-lost things, whatever they are. The only trouble is, when I'm looking for something I've lost, I can't rest until I've found it.

dawn said...

My dad has the same problem -
He and I are slowly working on organizing his household, because it is becoming quite difficult for him to keep track of anything!
Hey ... did you ever find what you were originally looking for?

Manz said...

I was going to say that "you're not alone"... but after reading the comments, I think that's evident!

I have a number of "safe places" - which should really be reduced to the one!

It's great that you found these photos - cute stuff ;)

Rick Vaughn said...


These pictures remind me of a my Grandmother's cat. I would always find the cat in my hockey bag of all places. Always getting into everything.

Karen, author of "My Funny Dad, Harry said...

Love your little kitty! Tuxedo cats are pretty common but I think they are very cute! My Spunky Doodle is a Tuxedo cat too.