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Betwixt one year and the next we had a type of hoar-frost it clung for dear life on everything that wasn’t moving. The term hoar-frost most probably arose from the description hoary which means a person that has acquired white or grey hair through long life. The hoar-frost often takes on the appearance of hair as it adds length onto branches like short white-grey hairs.

The garden became a magical, fairy tale land as wisps of white trailed over the honeysuckle, roses and apple trees. The window panes on the little shed looked as though they had been engraved like the glass of an ancient chapel.

The pond was frozen over and needed poking through to make sure the fish had enough oxygen. The fountain became a sculpture of stalactites that hung delicately down – Leonardo di Vinci could not I think have made the icy world look more beautiful. I am fortunate to have glimpsed a beauty that slowly melted away.

big freeze

big freeze

Little tip – to remember whether it is a stalactite or stalagmite – remember that stalactites have to hold on tight or else they will fall.


Liza said...

it's really beautiful and it's nice that you were able to capture it. thanks for sharing.

Matt said...

Very nice post, Polly. I love the way you described everything so well. I find beauty in things the same way, especially if it is temporary beauty, lasting only as long as conditions will allow. And thanks for the tip and stalactites. I knew it years ago but forgot it. Have a terrific new year!!!

Windmill said...

Hi Polly,

What a clever way to remember which one is from the top!

Akansha Agrawal said...

Another tip:
Stalagmite has a 'm' which is short (I mean shorter in height as compared to 't' in stalactite) so the former is lower and the latter is on the top... that was the way we remembered it in 9th std... for the exams...


wow! I love your pond and fish! I had never heard of a hoar frost but it looks magical!

food-kids-recipe said...

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