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Plummeting prices

Something is definitely going on … the prices of the low energy bulbs are spiralling downwards to a point where they may very soon actually be given away. Tesco, this week have dropped the cost of their low energy bulbs to

**Buy FIVE low energy bulbs for 40 pence

At these type of prices it looks as though the shops are currently trying to sell off their current ranges of low energy light bulbs.

Me thinks that something is definitely afoot … could it be that the next generation of low energy light bulbs are coming to the shops two years earlier than predicted? If so, we could all be in for massive reductions in the cost of our electric bills – as the next generation of these bulbs allegedly run on a fraction of the cost of their early rivals!!!


LadyBanana said...

It's great when things actually go down for a change :)

Youvegotmaille said...

Really? I may have to go out and buy some, I still have a few fixtures to "update." Thanks for the info :)