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Last day of manufacture

There was an announcement today which almost made me feel as though I had developed a sixth sense. One of the news items stated that from today 100 watt standard light bulbs would no longer be manufactured … the lower wattage bulbs would also be phased out but at a later date. So – finding the best energy saving light bulbs is now to become a major priority for us all.

Whilst out shopping yesterday, I thought I would take a look to see what the price of low energy bulbs are currently in Worcestershire … I realise that you can purchase them on line and so they may be slightly cheaper … but the current price for them locally is £0.67. I think, allowing for the fact that they reduce the electric bills considerably this current price is quite good.

Another news item also relating to energy efficient light bulbs was quite an interesting statement that I had not heard before. Allegedly, as the structure of low energy bulbs are similar to fluorescent bulbs they have a propensity to flicker. The flicker, it was claimed induces migraines in susceptible people. I listened with interest to see what would be offered as an alternative … nothing was suggested.

There is a version that has an outer protective layer on which resemble traditional light bulbs that may be of help to sufferers. There is also a version that offers a day-light type of glow which it has been claimed help sad (seasonal affective disorder) sufferers.

Good hunting with your bulbs … let me know if you manage to find some that cost less than 67 pence … and which particular brands are you finding the most reliable? I think we would all like to share that information!!


Little extra note added on Thursday 8th January - two little extra points on this post. Firstly, after visiting Sainsbury's supermarket I was shocked by their current offer of FIVE low energy light bulbs for 50 pence - making this the best inexpensive deal I have seen - at only 10 pence per light bulb. You do have to purchase five at a time to take advantage of this price. Secondly, it was announced today that their is now a new generation energy saving light bulb. Currently it is only available on the Web but it looks like a standard light bulb only it is white in appearance and slightly squashed. It works as follows: one 4 watt bulb will give off the same amount of light as a standard 40 watt bulb and so on .... thus it saves double the amount of electricity as the current low energy saving bulbs.


LadyBanana said...

67 pence is a very good price. I remember when I began buying these there were £13-ish!

I've not bought any for a while now so don't know the price locally..

Where did you find them for that amazing price?

Kloggers/Polly said...

Well we are very lucky as most of the larger supermarket chains are in or near the area where we live so, when I get the chance I tend to visit most of them. This particular offer was in Tesco's - you did have to buy three at a time but could mix and match the watts. I tend to like my lights bright, very bright - to prevent eyestrain either when reading or on the computer, etc.

The beauty of these particular bulbs were the fact that they were the small twirly vatiety so they don't hang down below even small light fittings.

Duni said...

I worked in an office once where a light fixture with energy saving bulbs was installed directly above my head. It flickered. I had constant migraines.
Lucky I work from home now. I have been meaning to change my bulbs for ages. I hope I find relatively inexpensive ones.

Mariuca said...

Thank you for your love and support, I have some scent-sational awards for you! Have a great weekend. :)

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Paul Baines said...

Blimey 67p? What shop sells those? We pay over a pound down here, at least they've dropped quite a bit in price over the years and yes they give me a headache lol. We have an enormous 1960s modular lamp that has a small thin hole at the base that can just about fit an old candle bulb but we haven't seen any the same size so far as regards to eco bulbs. Ho hum.

LadyBanana said...

WOW! I'm going to Sainsburys later anyway, have to look out for those!

Not that I need any at the moment though! lol

My Journey said...

hi friend! nice blog U got here..would U mind if we xlinks? pls let me know..thx :)

CastoCreations said...

Please tell me this is only in the UK. I know they are going to outlaw regular bulbs here but I pray God that they don't stop manufacturing the 100 watt anytime soon. I guess I'll have to start stocking up. I hate the ridiculous curly fluorescent kind. Blech.