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Bedroom extensions

Despite being bombarded by an alien of indeterminate breed, the Leaf-cutter bees have made remarkable headway into the replenishment of their species. They are filling up the chambers with an unusual swiftness.

Leaf-cutter bees ... with two chambers complete

Leaf-cutter bees with two chambers complete and sealed


Rogue bee -

Rogue bee that is attacking the Leaf-cutter bees 

Unlike the other Leaf-cutter bees this one has determined stripes – more like those of the honey bee. I am still uncertain of it’s breed.


Sharkbytes (TM) said...

This is really interesting. I've never heard of leaf cutter bees.

Jan from BetterSpines said...

"Bedroom Extensions" indeed! I thought this was going to be one of those ghastly paid advertising posts.
Instead, as usual, Kloggers makes us think outside the square.

Mikes Sumondong said...

congrats! I mean for having this one!

heidi said...

How interesting! I love what bee's do and admire them but am deathly allergic so they scare me a bit. Fascinating! Hope you are doing well!

Billigflug Thailand said...

I love bees too, but don't like them near me when I eat. A bad experience when I was a child. It flew in my mouth and I was lucky it stopped there and not in my throught.
The rogue bee looks like the ones I see here often, more often than honey bees. But I don't know what they are either, sorry.

Thomas said...

I'm out in alfalfa country (it makes hay for horses) and we have these bees everywhere! They're great lil pollinators. My grandad used to put some bee boards up at our place and sell them at the end of the year. They winter the bees in semi's and keep them dormant until they need them. Then they warm them up and away the bees go. They also have some sort of doo-hickey taht pushes the little leaf encrusted pellets out of the boards so all they have to store is the larva in the pods.

They are a NEAT bee. Check out orchard mason bees they are a nifty creature.