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Nasturtiums have arrived

It appears to have taken a much longer period for the first flower to appear on the Nasturtiums than is usual. I have, however, been rewarded with a rather beautiful, bright and perfect bloom for my long and patient wait.

Nasturtium - the first bloom



heidi said...

lol! You were a live mannequin-how cool! I bet you were magnificent. You write very well so great you are studying even more something you enjoy and do great at!!!

heidi said...

Oh my ! I meant to say that was a beautiful and colorful flower!!! Ignore my other comment. I must need some sleep-lol.

Diff.Thinkr said...

Beautiful as always!

elf said...

I was so excited when my bloomed also. Love your variety such a pretty orange!

Shinade said...

Surprise! Look who's back!! I love your flowers and your toads look fantastic also!!

Wow am I ever busy but very excited. I have missed you and everyone so very very much!

I am back and working on getting ready to go commercial...hopefully some time this year!

I simply had to drop over before I have to shut down due to weather!

It's good to be back and so good to visit and enjoy your lovely site!

Poem said...

Nice blog do you have care to exchange links?