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Here are a few more photographs of some of the more colourful species of birds in Birdland ………

Parrots and Macaws, etc

One of the most rarest macaws - Chile

Chile - Bright yellow macaw

Rare - bright yellow macaw from Chile

Chile - very rare macaw

Scarlet or red parot

Red Parot - on the move

   Red Parrot

Red Parrot - the brightest of all of the macaws and parrots

This beautiful ‘Joseph’ with his coat of many colours, certainly all of the prime colours is probably the most colourful of all the macaws and parrots – a very active bird! 

The yellow macaw in the first few pictures is extremely rare but can be found in the wild in Chile.


star said...

How I wish to be one of those beautiful and attractive species of bird..but I know God created me to be a human. To let me know how wonderful to live in this temporary world.

I would like to thank you Polly for the wishes on my birthday. Please copy the prayer in this link. http://www.star-chuu.net/2009/07/thank-you-guys.html

Karen, author of "My Funny Dad, Harry' said...

These birds are beautiful! When we went to our vet, there were many beautiful birds like these in the waiting room! I was surprised how many people had birds like these for pets when they are so expensive and big.

storybeader said...

what great colors!