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Gathering windfalls of good health

This is the time of year when there are masses of wild plums all ripened and ready to eat. You will find them by the side of roads on the grass verges falling off at almost the rate of rain. Gathered up and washed these make excellent fruit salad additions, or just eaten plain in their raw state where they are very sweet and juicy. Slightly smaller than shop bought versions – these are both organic and free …

They especially make the most healthiest of compotes or can be stewed to have with custard or made into plum pie or pudding. This is what they look like …

Wild plums - red and yellow

Wild plums 

My wild plums, up above are being made into compote … although I do admit that I have eaten quite a few in their natural state … and I can confirm that they are sweeter than shop bought versions, extremely delicious and very moreish!

Note to self: must go and gather some more.

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