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The Devil’s Tear Drops …

A few years ago, whilst on holiday in Ireland I saw a most beautiful plant. It looked rather like a very large fuchsia. It was extremely old, tall and bushy and was dripping with thousands of blooms. When I returned back from my holiday I tried to find the plant for my own garden. Eventually, I spotted it at the back of a table of perennials – reaching over, you can imaging my surprise when I saw what it was called … ‘The Devil’s Tear Drops!’

I planted my small plant by the garden pond. It is now three years old and this year it has not been at its best as for most of the late spring the leaves have been limp … I’ve had a quick splash of colour as the flowers have opened. I am hoping that whatever caused the problem has passed as despite it’s very unromantic name – it is a most beautiful plant and I still think it looks similar to a fuchsia!

The Devil's Tear Drops


Devil's tear drops

The Devil’s Tear Drops

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