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‘I’m a pretty boy!’

There is nothing quite like one of these birds to make a person think of far away places and characters out of fictional books such as Treasure Island.


Macaw stepping out

Perhaps we shouldn’t romanticize about pirates but the pirates of years gone by have many interesting facets that have almost been lost to us all. Many did purchase parrots, keep them as pets on board ship and then sell them when they stepped back onto dry land. Parrots fetched a very high price – they were both brightly coloured and intelligent and many could talk so well that they became the ‘must have’ pet of the day by the wealthy.


Macaw animated gif – made from the two pictures up above

This is another beautiful bird from Birdland - to be found in Bourton-on-the-Water


Billigflug New York said...

What a cute bird. What kind of parrot is it?
The animated gif is a nice thing... for the first few seconds. Later it started hurting my eyes and I had problems to read the text above the gif. It's too fast and too big. I had to hurry and write the comment. ;)

Karen @ Blazing Minds said...

Every time I see a parrot, the first thing that springs to mind is a pirate with one leg, a patch and a parrot on his shoulder, lovely pictures by the way, they really show off the plumage of the bird.

B Boys Mom said...

I love parrots but I don't think I would want one as a pet. They live till they are 80 or so. The are so beautiful.

My Caddy said...

No way, parrots live until they're 80??!! No wonder they're so grumpy and keep repeating themselves. ;D

Dorothy L said...

That parrot is too pretty in pink to be a boy.
Love the effects on the lower photo :)

ZAJA Natural said...

He is a pretty boy, I love that shade of pink!

liza said...

Very pretty! I love the color too. :)

Laiza said...

He such an adorable parrot! And sooo PINK! How cute! :)