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Devil’s diet

I know of two young ladies who share a house together, both have similar office jobs. They have identical diets, walk at least half-an-hour each day and regularly visit the gym. One weighs around seven-and-a-half stone (105 lbs) the other weighs ten-and-a half stone (147 lbs).

Nutritionists, doctors, dieticians and anyone else in the dieting industry never appear to take into account that every human being is different. The old saying that ‘one man’s meat is another man’s poison’ applies more to the struggle of either obtaining or maintaining a reasonable weight than perhaps to any other reference.

There appear to be two types of people – one is designed for conditions of plenty and the other for times when food is not so abundant. So it is dependent upon which type of person you are as to whether you will struggle to put weight on or struggle to get weight off. The difficulty can be exacerbated in effect by following a commercial dieting plan as they do not seem to allow for differences in make-up.

There are several things that are worth taking into consideration – fruit is especially volatile and fattening. Yes, it contains all kinds of vitamins, minerals and roughage … but it also contains vast amounts of sugar and is often difficult to digest unless first lightly cooked. Dried fruit is also best eaten after cooking as it has a propensity to sit in the large intestine and produce gas. Vegetables should be split into two categories – roots and greens. Always remember that although most dieticians tell you that you can eat as many greens as you like … there is a price to pay for doing so – greens help the body store liquid so they tend to cause bloating – greens are sometimes difficult to digest. Ruminants such as cows have two stomachs to help them digest greens and elephants that also eat greens do most of their digesting once the greens have left the stomach – this is a very slow process as the greens thread their way around the gut and look at the size of an elephant.

So when trying to change your weight it is best to do it the old fashioned way and that is simply by cutting portions. Take out those foods that you know are definitely fattening such as cakes, biscuits, buns, burgers, etc and the rest try eating half the quantity that you usually eat. By restricting portion size you are less inclined to become deficient in vital vitamins, minerals and amino acids. If you need to gain weight then usually this is best done by adding in extra meal times – start by introducing a simple supper around 9.00 pm then if this is not sufficient add a mid-morning snack that contains both protein and carbohydrate. To gain wait extra quickly then add small snacks of nuts and seeds – these are very nutritious and help to increase weight and distribute it evenly.

Nature’s own gastric band

We are all born with a natural gastric band. The problem is with modern lifestyles is, we have to teach our bodies to switch it on. We can do this very easily: firstly, make a fist (any hand will do) then look at it from every direction – the size of your fist measures exactly the same as your stomach; secondly, your stomach sends a message to your brain which takes much longer than a nerve message to register pain – it takes a full twenty minutes for a brain to register that it has had enough to eat! At one time meals were eaten slowly – anything from twenty-five minutes to an hour-and-a-half – people ate much, much less than they do today but they still felt full up. In order for your own natural gastric band to operate you need to take longer to eat your meals – a minimum of twenty-minutes has been found to be ideal.

Here is a little saying that is very old but tells us which nuts are useful for what particular thing:

Nutty knowledge

‘Almonds for athletics

Brazil nuts for brawn

Coconut for cleansing

Hazelnuts for happiness and health

Walnuts for wisdom’

Author: A Bullivant


Lucy P. said...

Makes sense. I realized later in life that when I ate slower I would stop eating when I was almost full, as opposed to wolfing down my food and feeling way too full.

Health Nut said...

Could the difference in weight also be due to height & bone density differences? Sounds kind of far fetched for 2 women of equal height and bone structure to have such a vast difference in weight if they do have the same diet doncha think?
(regardless of what you argue later on, which, frankly, I agree with.)

Anonymous said...

hi... just dropping by!

Lady Banana said...

I know I eat way to fast - probably because I have always felt I have something else to do.

Will really try to slow down!

Kloggers/Polly said...

Hi Heidi and just for those who wonder what question I am answering (Health Nut Wannabee Mom) - This is the strange anomaly: One of the young women is taller but she weighs the least - I suppose the shorter one of the two may have slightly bigger bones - there are several inches in height difference between them.

The reason I included this in the mix of ideas is that it is never tackled and I have come across the problem time and time again. That is to say that some people gain weight on less food than others. I have personally known young women who have not dared eat more than an apple for breakfast and lunch combined and nothing more than simple salad for their evening meals or else their weight began to catapult out of control.

I have also known other go on one of the main slimming club regimes - cottage cheese for breakfast and so on and so forth - yes they got down to an amazing figure - but as soon as they ate a normal breakfast, lunch and small evening meal without any additions thier weight just mercilessly piled all back on.

I think we need to treat everyone as an individual - perhaps find out at what rate they burn up calories - which food stuffs they can eat without causing problems to their bodies and build an eating lifestyle to their individual needs.

Even then there will be those who still have difficulties in shifting the weight - no matter how hard they try and I think this needs to be recognized and properly addressed. I feel that it is wrong to judge people and make them feel guilty and a failure when they try to lose weight and can't reduce by the same amount as others.