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Just 52 hours from dry seed and the Mung bean sprouts are ready to eat. When I first started sprouting my own seeds I thought that they needed to grow much longer before they could be used. There appears to be very little written about sprouting for the novice. It wasn’t until supermarkets began selling sprouted seeds that I realised that I had been waiting far too long before eating mine.

Mung beans – bean sprouts only require their little root tails as below before they are ready to begin harvesting. The alfalfa seeds are best eaten when they have both their root tails and their first two green leaf shoots. All sprouted seeds may be used in any type of meal either in their raw state or lightly cooked.

Alfalfa seeds - 52 hours from dry seed Alfalfa seeds – 52 hours from dry seed

Mung beans - 52 hours after placing into a jug and covering with water Mung beans just 52 hours from dry seed

Mung beans - 52 hours after first soaking with water - soaking time 8 hours - remainder of time growing in sprouting trayMung beans just 52 hours, sprouted and ready to eat


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Hey, I didnt know mung beans were popular outside India as well :)

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You always do the coolest things! I love this!

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