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Home of charity

The meaning of charity is simply - love. Love is to be able to give yourself without requiring any return. To give yourself unconditionally. Very few of us achieve this. Most of us yearn for some kind of reciprocation or reward. Occasionally, in our lifetime we meet individuals who do not have the badge of religion, organization or official charity to prop them up but merely act upon their own. These are exceptional people. I only know of one who totally fulfils this premise he is known in the blogging community as ‘Windy.’

Windy is building a home for a family without one. He is trying to do this all out of his own pocket. Now I do not want to copy anyone else’s post so I would ask you to hop over to Lainy’s Musings blog to read all about the help that Windy is giving to a family.

Lainy's MusingsA special thank you to Lainy for creating this post 

And a very special thanks to Windy for just being yourself.


Lainy said...

Oh my! I am so touched! Thanks for helping us spread the word, Polly. It is really of big help. We needed every little penny that we could raise so as to complete the house for that poor family very soon.

Thanks so much for being a real friend!

Ann said...

I'll hop on over and check out the post.

Windmill said...

Oh my dear Polly,

I am totally floored by your kind gesture.

Well, not only here at this Post but also for what you have commented over at Lainy's Musings.

You lift my spirits.

Thank you so much for adding this Appeal at your Blog.

God Bless you Always!

EastCoastLife said...

Thank you Polly for your well-wishers and advice.

You have always been a great blogger friend, helping to spread a good cause and giving constructive comments. Wish there are more conscientious bloggers like you, it will make the blogosphere a better place.

Regina Sunderland said...

That is awesome, thank you for sharing.