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There is an alphabet that is known by many, usually referred to as ‘the International Alphabet’ which is used by police forces, pilots, and so on and so forth. It is used so that no mistakes are made when information is passed from one person to another over radios, telephones, etc.


 International Alphabet

International alphabet

There is another alphabet which was used during the Second World War for spelling out words verbally which is different to the International alphabet.  This alphabet is as follows:

Signalling alphabet used during the Second World WarSignalling alphabet used during the Second World War 

The words in deep gold were never to be deviated from whilst the remainder could be improvised.

Most people nowadays use the top alphabet known as the International alphabet … but which one do you prefer?


WillOaks Studio said...

I think they are both fun!! I didn't realize that the top one was sort of "standardized" though!! I feel like I should try to learn it...

junezach said...

I use the International alphabet.:D

John | Daily Photo Gallery said...

This would come in really handy when I have to spell something out over the phone. Normally I can't think of the right word and end up saying something daft.


'So that's 1BC'

'No 1DC. D for erm erm Donnie Darko and C for Carrot!'

Ann said...

Either one really but the international alphabet is one that I am more familiar with, not that I know them all

Tomas said...

Thank you for the international Alphabet'. It will be beneficial to learn it.
I say so because I'm used to see only my native (Lithuanian) Alphabet around. Thus your post expanded my horizons. Hope my blog http://artbytomas.blogspot.com/ will become the international too one day.

Sheila Sultani said...

I like making up my own. But, as far as the two choices you gave I like the first because it's the one the military uses.