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Citric eczema

Eczema is the name that the medical profession give to dermatitis (rash) of the skin. It covers a wide variety of rashes that form on the surface of the skin anywhere on the body. Eczema may be triggered by either food or drink ingested or contact with any form of chemicals, vapour, dust, powder, petroleum, oil, soil, fabric, cleaning agent, in fact just about anything. One particular form of eczema that is becoming more commonplace is one that is triggered by eating citrus fruit. Oranges are particularly noted for eczema rashes re-appearing on otherwise clear areas where the rashes have once been.


Eczema cures

These are wide ranging and relief and cure differs from person to person. This means that it may take quite a while to find which type or types of medicines, ointments, emollients, creams, potions and food stuffs will aid relief. One that is not yet fully proven but is alleged to have brought amazing results is Oolong Tea. There are variations as to the quantity and length of time required when drinking Oolong Tea. The rough guide is One Litre of Oolong Tea to be drunk during the course of the day preferably three or more times per day. Some people are said to have felt the benefits from regular doses of Oolong tea within a few days, others report improvement after three weeks or slightly longer. What does appear to be apparent is that even people with chronic eczema are experiencing the benefits of this tea and allegedly many are claiming to have been totally cured by drinking it daily. The prices of Oolong Tea vary from around £0.90 to around £4.00 per packet. Packets usually comprise of 20 tea bags.

One of the most commonest creams used by eczema sufferers is Aqueous Cream. This comprises of White Soft Paraffin, Liquid Paraffin, Cetostearyl Alcohol, Sodium Lauryl Sulphate and Purified Water – most versions contain a preservative such as Phenoxyethanol. This particular cream may be used as a soap substitute by applying to areas of the body that need cleansing and washing off with water. Aqueous Cream is noted for its moisturising properties. E45 has a wide range of cream products for irritated skin. These range from their basic cream to Itch Relief, designed for eczema types that are itchy as well as Hydrocortisone Cream, which may make the skin surface frail and thin and so should by used sparingly and for only a few days at a time – probably best under medical supervision. Oilatum also has a wide range of products including shampoos. They have cream designed specifically for eczema to relieve itchy and irritating dry skin conditions to natural repair face cream. There are well known favourites such as Zinc and Caster Oil cream, Vaseline, Sudacrem, Glycerine, Lip Balm … the list goes on and on and on – there are also new ones being introduced on a regular basis. It is often best to test-out a small area of skin to see what effect a new cream has before applying it liberally.

It is wise to consult a doctor and nutritionist to see what is the current advise and help available to eczema in your area.

Orange rash

Eczema sufferers should also avoid stressful situations as stress increases the size of the area affected. Sometimes the eczema will simply disappear of its own accord often after a long period (sometimes lasting several years) of time. Most people will get one form or another of eczema in their lifetime – usually of a minor variety.

Savlon Antiseptic Cream is often beneficial for rashes around the hair-line or on the scalp as it is quite greasy and so helps to moisturize dry patchy areas quite quickly.

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