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Yo-yo snow

February, this year, is the month of the yo-yo snow pattern. It gets cold one day which leads to snowflakes that eventually settle. Sometimes this is followed by frost other days it just remains cold … the snow then eventually melts either with the aid of a little rainfall or from the warmth of a small amount of sunshine. The whole process then begins all over again. So far in the Midlands area this year it has snowed a total of 22 days!


Ann said...

If only it would make up it's mind and just decide to warm up already :)

Jeff's Online Money Making Experience said...

I guess weather has been pretty crazy the world over. While you guys might be having a yo yo snow there, we're experiencing free sauna all day just by sitting in front of the computer. It's just too hot! :-(

Have a great day! Maybe you could throw some snow our way too, when you have extra. :-)

Auntie E said...

this will be a winter to remember for sure. We have receives over 80 inches and snow and more on the way. Records are being broken all around. try to stay warm...Spring's a coming.

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John @ Family, Fitness and Finances said...

Interesting. We are lucky if we see 22 days of snow in 10 years! Although, strangely, it snowed a little last night. Driving to work should be loads of fun this morning.

Lainy said...

Down here, we've been experiencing the drought season, Polly. We know are experiencing scarcity in power supply. We have rotational outages everyday, Sigh.

When can we ever have snow? :-)