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Late Spring

It was announced today that it will be quite awhile before we see blooms in the garden as Spring will be delayed by a month! Although this announcement in itself sounds truly terrible, Spring has been getting earlier and earlier … so now it is falling around the same time as it did in the mid-Nineteen Fifties.

My poor, lovely cat is so fed up with all of this cold weather and whereas normally she enjoys going out on patrol – now she wavers, standing at the back door and sniffing at the air. She ventures out only when she has to do her toilet and, at times, she holds that in for longer than is desirable. No matter how much I try enticing her outside - she stubbornly refuses to jump down off the step into the garden until she is desperate. This delay may mean waking up someone in the middle of the night to let her out. Of course, it is necessary to then let her back in again.

Cat - semi awake and semi asleep My poor, lovely cat awaits the Spring with patience


Ann said...

I'm with your cat, I would rather not go out in the cold either unless it's absolutely necessary

RE-Entrepod said...

oohh polly I kinda feel like your kitty. I only go out when I absolutely have to. cold weather sucks. and so does wet and cold paws too I bet, (wink*wink)

Lin said...

We are all with your kitty! I'm sooo ready for spring and warmer weather.

DogsDeserveFreedom said...

Your cat doesn't look impressed in that picture :)

Lady Banana said...

My cat is much the same.. But yesterday was lovely weather and she was one very happy kitty!(so was I actually, the sun was warm on my face)