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Bunch of daffodils

Almost since the very first moment that flowers were sold the daffodil became one of the most common to be used for this purpose. They used to be available for just a few pence a bunch but have gradually crept up in price over the last few years. At one time they were kept fresh in buckets of water … now they are sadly paper-dry bottomed! Not so long ago, a bunch would remarkably bloom for two to three weeks spreading an all pervading sweetness throughout the room – for there is nothing quite like the fragrance of the common daffodil. Indeed this soft perfume has been used as a subtle background scent in many expensive perfume. Unfortunately, today a bunch will only usually last a few days more than a bunch of tulips which are sometimes known as ‘five-day flowers.’

Bunch of daffodils 



Cactus Jack Splash said...

I love seeing daffodils, I know spring has truly arrived

Ann said...

I love daffodils, I can't wait to see the first ones pop up in the spring.