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Cat kit

According to naturalists there is a danger that soon hedgehogs will die out in Britain as they have plunged in numbers year-on-year. It is a big ask of people but for those who love to see wildlife it is time to take action to protect this wonderful little mammal. It is strange to think that an animal that will eat just about anything is now under threat of extinction in this country. For those who want to help then place the following items out each evening: a small bowl of fresh water – they drink quite a lot (hedgehogs do not drink milk it makes them extremely ill and in some instances can kill them); kibble (cat kibble is ideal); tinned cat/dog/kitten/puppy food; cooked meat chopped into little portions as hedgehogs have very tiny teeth and are unable to chew large pieces; fresh peanuts that do not contain salt (salt is extremely bad for them); raisins-sultanas-currents; mild to medium cheddar cheese chopped up small; digestive biscuit, etc …… Place meat out when it is almost dark so that it will not become contaminated and dangerous.

Starting early in the evening, I had placed out some chopped nuts and cat kibble for the hedgehogs … but – too late, it was spotted by my cat …

Cat kit

The cat found the kibble put out for the hedgehogs

One other reason why hedgehogs are in trouble is they are as their name suggests little ‘hogs’ of the hedge. They spend quite a large proportion of their time in the bushes, trees, shrubs, long grasses and plants that are in the hedgerows. Hedgerows with all of their lovely plants are gradually being dug up and often replaced by fences or nothing at all. Fewer people have green gardens full of low covering plants, trees and bushes so … hedgehogs have nowhere to hide and keep safe. If you are able, then why not plant some bushes, and low covering plants in both your front and back gardens and make them hedgehog friendly. It would be such a shame to lose this wonderful and useful little animal. Remember hedgehogs like to feast on garden snails and slugs, millipedes, caterpillars, small rodents such as young mice – so they help to keep the garden clean and tidy of many things that you would rather not be surrounding your house!

Country Quips:

    • The most effective and useful weapon man can ever have is knowledge – always remember that you can never have enough!



unikorna said...

I entirely share your concern for the way us humans interact with nature. It is painful, sometimes even tragic what happens with some species. We are sooo destructive.

Ann said...

I've never seen a hedgehog and wasn't even sure if we had them around here. I googled it and I found that it is illegal to possess one in the state that I live in.

Kloggers/Polly said...

Unikorna - There are various problems with wildlife throughout the world at the moment. In the case of hedgehogs within the UK numbers have dropped by 25% in the last ten years. Even more so when you look at numbers sixty years ago. What is a concern, is the fact that this is an animal that is fairly omniverous eating virtyally anything edible. Imagine if it ate just one specific food source as many larger animals do?

Ann - Hedgehogs are not a natural animal of America but no doubt if you were to examine some of your smaller native mammals, you may find similarities with regards to the drop in numbers. Everything is linked in some way or another and therefore the decline in any one species should set alarm bells ringing to us all.

EastCoastLife said...

It's nice to know hedgehogs visit your home and you care so much for them. I have never seen a real hedgehog. I guess they are not suitable to be kept and so do not see them in our zoo.

Dr Sonia S V said...

Polly so sad to read about the plight of hedgehos.I have never seen one as they are not found in India.
You asked me how I liked to write sentiments. I dont like to see my handwriting as its not elegant.A stencil is what I like to use nowadays.