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Plop in the pail

Over the years I have read many things regarding the attributes of water. Something that I read fairly recently has stuck in my mind and perhaps it’s time to share it.


Water droplet

Water is like medicine to the body, especially the heart … water helps to activate all of the body’s organs when drunk first thing in the morning. Water helps the heart and all the other organs to work more efficiently if consumed at regular intervals during the day. Water helps to protect the body from both heart attacks and strokes if drunk just before bedtime. Just one little extra note … water helps the brain to work more efficiently.

Now … go and get a glass of water and remember to sip it often it is probably the best medicine that you will ever take in your life.

Water droplet

There are many thoughts as to the quantity we should consume every day but many doctors advise around two litres.

Water droplet

Little extra fun notes on the wonders of water …

Water gives you a flat tummy

Water stops water retention and bloating


EastCoastLife said...

Water is precious to my people. Living in a small island where we don't have mountains, lakes and rivers, it is all the more cherished by every resident.
Our daily water is imported from a neighbouring country and each household pays high fees for it monthly. :(

Pam-Resaca Rose said...

I've been drinking lots of water for several years now since I started following FlyLady. She is a housekeeping coach, for lack of a better description. I keep my water in half gallon glass jugs in my refrigerator. It's cold like spring water.

Ann said...

I know how good water is for you and I try to drink lots of it but I've never been a fan of just plain old water. I am however drinking a bottle of it as I read this :) I'll work on doing better with it

Kloggers/Polly said...

ECL: It must be worrying at times if all of your water is imported without the use of rivers, lakes, reservoirs and bore holes. I think the price of water is rising in most places, I know that here in Britain at one time it used to be £9.00 now it has risen to £483.00 per household. This varies slightly from area to area and some people are on water meters to measure exactly how much water they consume and they pay accordingly.

Pam-Resaca Rose - I believe that it is safer and kinder to drink tepid water or even slightly warm as this is said to be better for the organs.

Ann - I quite like to drink a good glass of water. I confess that sometimes I do enjoy a little fizzy water though.


my chiropractor regularly reminds me of the importance of being hydrated!

Oriental Rug Cleaning said...

I try to drink more water than normal. Because I have problem in my kidney. My doctor ask me to drink more.