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Dental floss

Dental floss is dangerous! Leading me to ask the question ‘Who needs Botox?’

A couple of days ago I accidentally nicked the corner of my mouth with a length of dental floss. I finished cleaning my teeth and went to bed. When I awoke the next morning my lips had swollen and puffed out … to say the very least it was uncomfortable and left them feeling sore … So far the ‘Botox’ look has lasted three whole days and I am quite fed-up with plastering them with Vaseline to protect them.

Dental floss

Years ago before dental floss was invented, I used a length of cotton or thread to clean between my teeth.

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    • If you only have your looks to trade on, your trade will be very short lived!


Student loan said...

An experience that is quite unique, but how to dental floss can occur?

Kloggers/Polly said...

SL - It is the first time and hopefully the last time that this has or will occur for me. I had a rather long length of dental floss and wound it around the index fingers of both my hands. I was reaching between my last two bottom molars on the left-hand side, the floss became caught - I pulled at it with my left hand and it gave way cutting the very edge of my lips like a cheese wire. It was only a very little cut and so I didn't think any more about it until I awoke the next morning. There I was with puffed out lips that gradually became sore as the day progressed.
Really, I should have known better. My teeth are very close together and therefore I really should have been using dental tape or dental ribbon which does the job far more effectively when you have no gaps between your teeth.
This is a lesson I hope that I have learnt for good .. if by chance I do accidentally catch the corners of my mouth again .. then I will definitely use antiseptic cream!!

Lady Banana said...

Ouchy! I've cut my gum before, but now I'm very careful!

The hygienist recommended I got some interdental brushes which I did. Even though they are tiny they still don't go in between every tooth..