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Years ago when I began my very first job, computers took up the whole of a very large room. People wore special dust-proof clothing when entering it. Communications were made either using a telephone or a typewriter for both internal and external messages. Desks would often contain a ‘rip-off’ calendar (one page per day). The calendar would usually have a small quote or saying underneath that brought smiles or frowns to faces …

I have always enjoyed the little quotations that came on the bottom of the daily calendar. My father was also a font of knowledge of such sayings and would share them with me every day. This month I thought I would begin sharing some of the sayings with you. I have been placing them at the bottom of my posts entitled ‘Country Quips’ and I thought I would put July’s offerings all together to share once more. Such sayings make life and events more colourful and therefore are best repeated …

Country Quips:

    • If you only have your looks to trade on, your trade will be very short lived!

    • Even the smallest of jobs will extend to fill up the longest of days.

    • An evil adversary is conquered far more swiftly with a sharp mind than a steel blade.

    • Commitment to a job is nine parts of completion.

    • To hold a belief may sometimes be more dangerous than holding a weapon.

    • Never leave Sunday best clothes festering away at the back of the wardrobe. Air them often for they will go out of style and life is brief!

    • The sweetest smell on Earth is the down on the forehead of a new born baby. It is like no other; it is the greatest gift bestowed on man.

    • The most effective and useful weapon man can ever have is knowledge – always remember that you can never have enough!




Dr Sonia S V said...

Such thought provoking sayings
Thank You for sharing Polly


A Mom said...

hi, have a great day!

Ann said...

Love them. I've always had a soft spot for quotes and old sayings.

unikorna said...

Nice words of wisdom, may I suggest another one? "Don't be afraid of death, but of unlived life".


Very interesting !!

Lainy said...

Brilliant words of wisdom, Polly. Very inspiring!

How have you been? I hope you're doing great. It's good to be back here again. Been pretty busy the past couple of weeks. I am proud to share the news that I am an Aunt now for the very first time ;-)

Blessings and Love,