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Moment in time

No one knows for certain why there are hardly any butterflies to be seen in the British countryside. It may be due to climate change or it may be caused by something entirely unrelated but recently there has been a catastrophic drop in the number of all butterflies.

In Britain, over the month of July, a countrywide butterfly count is taking place and everyone is being encouraged to join in, so that accurate numbers may be gathered. Each person willing to take part, runs off a copy of the butterfly chart and does a count within fifteen minutes. If you are able to give those fifteen precious minutes then here is the link: British Butterfly Count.

Red Admiral Butterfly - Vanessa atlanta

Red Admiral Butterfly – Vanessa atlanta


Country Quips:

    • To hold a belief may sometimes be more dangerous than holding a weapon.


Komik Oyunlar said...

thank you post good blog.

Ann said...

Joan from My Quality Day was recently talking about doing the same thing.

Sharkbytes (TM) said...

That is really sad- hope they figure out what is happening.