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Magpie meal

It is something that most people love to see, birds … in their garden or outside their windows. I was pottering at the back of the garage and happened to glance out of the window. On the lawn, two magpies were busy poking their long beaks deep into the soil. They appeared to be imitating blackbirds, who regularly dip their beaks down into the soil of the lawn and pull out fat, juicy worms or grubs. I have never seen magpies search for meat this way before. Eventually, one of them hopped onto the seat of a wooden garden chair. The other magpie, jumped onto the plank of wood forming the cross piece of the chair below. The one on the seat poked its beak through the wooden slots, whilst the one beneath positioned itself directly under the bird above and began to take something out of its beak.

Magpies, appear to be mimicking other birds behaviour – no wonder they are growing in numbers and are probably now one of the most successful birds in the Midlands.

Next time that you see a magpie, take a long, careful look at it and you will not only see a bird of the future as it changes with the times – you will also see something of the creature of its past. As it walks with a purpose, sucking in its surroundings with its eyes – there is something of the dinosaur, alert and alive still within its core … biding its time and waiting for its chance to perform on the world stage of life.

Miagpie eating at the bird table

Magpie eating at the bird table


Sharkbytes (TM) said...

I've been told that all birds will feed protein to their babies, even normal fruit eaters. Maybe this is what was happening.

Ann said...

The birds always entertain me. It sounds like that is exactly what the magpies were doing for you :)