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Cone zone

I am still struggling to try and fill up the spaces in the garden border that have been left by the heavy loss of plants over the last Winter period. It does though give me the chance of introducing some new varieties into the garden. I don’t necessarily mean new hybrid versions but a different type of plant to those that I’ve had in the past.

One new variety that I thought I would try (hopefully it will make itself at home in our heavy clay soil) is the dwarf Rudbeckia Toto Gold. These are commonly known as coneflowers or in Europe cone daisies. Their petals are usually yellows, oranges or gold and form a halo around a cone or dome of dark brown or brown-black centre.

Rudbeckia Toto Gold - coneflower or cone daisy

Rudbeckia Toto Gold (dwarf) – coneflower or cone daisy

Rudbeckia Toto Gold (dwarf) - coneflower or cone daisy

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Dr Sonia S V said...

Wow Awesome photograph! Such perfection

Sharkbytes said...

we call them brown-eyed susans

Kloggers/Polly said...

I've heard of black-eyed susan's - an orange and black small flower resembling a busy-lizzie ...

Ann said...

love those, they remind me of black eyes susans.