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Old blue eyes

It has taken me several years to notice that my Orfe has got the most lovely blue eyes. I still am unsure whether ‘Goldy’ is a female or male fish. I think of it as a male as it appears to be in control of the pond. ‘He’ has the say when the rest of the fish move upwards to their food and if he holds back so do they. This fish is supposed to be a Golden Orfe but because of its colour I wonder if by chance it is a cross between a Golden and Blue Orfe. ‘He’ has jumped out of the pond on occasion and has luckily been found before any real harm came to him. This is despite a fine net being stretched across the pond to safeguard against herons and local cats. I still have not found out how exactly he has managed to escape the netting and find ‘himself’ thrashing about on the pebbled pathway surrounding his wet home.


old blue eyes

Golden Orfe with blue eyes


Sharkbytes said...

He's a looker!

Unknown said...

I think that this year he appears to have excelled himself .. I'm sure that it's all the extra food that he keeps munching down! :)