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Starting your own FORUM or MESSAGE BOARD

Forums or Message Boards are a wonderful way to promote either a Website, Blog, Events, Local Information, Recipes, Places to Visit, Health Information/Queries, Hobbies, General Chatter, Knowledge about Local Entertainments, Keeping in Touch with Friends, in fact the list is really endless. Why is it a good idea? Well firstly it is free, users do not need to log in, messages may be left using a ‘nick-name,’ pictures may be added, it is easy to both leave information and find information, it can be private – ideal for school children leaving messages for their friends and much, much more. So why not check out the options and perhaps start your own!




Stone tablets

Out of the Stone Age ………………..


Jackie said...

Congratulations to you guys!! You finally got it done and it looks great.

It was so goo to hear from you today. Oh the kids are here...they just drove in...happy weekend Polly!


Lainy said...

Hi Polly! Welcome back! It's always great to hear from you. I've missed you.

I checked out the forum and will try to explore.

Thanks for checking out on me. Thank God we are fine. We haven't been affected by the typhoon. I am sorry to hear about your gluten encounter. I hope you are feeling much better now. It feels great that you're back.

Love and Hugs,

eastcoastlife said...

Great idea, but with the convenience and interesting apps at FB, more people are not visiting forums now.