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Random Ramblings: Personal observations on a wide variety of subjects. Photographs of creatures and things that are taken on seeing the unusual as well as everyday things.


This year I have been rewarded once more with my cactus. Traditionally these are often called Christmas cactus. Mine, this specimen, has flowered all through the year with just a few small rest periods. This was achieved by observing that the plant flowers after a small drought period. I feed and water it well whilst it is in flower then when all of the flowers die off – I allow the plant to rest. I leave it dormant without watering for four to six weeks. Once the soil is very dry I give the plant a good soaking with a small splash of plant food. Small buds then appear on the tops of the outer leaves. Once these are apparent then I feed and water well until the plant has finished its magnificent display of large bright flowers. Then I allow the plant to rest once again.

Christmas flowering cactus Christmas cactus flowering at Christmas

Cactus - flowering at Christmas Christmas cactus

The letter

There once was a young girl, laughing, happy and cheerful as all young girl’s should be. One day something terrible happened in the young girls life. Here is the police account and what she bravely did to address the problem:

how a young girl took back control .......

Hebe – Purple Pixie

The most unusual thing about this year are the amount of various plants that have either come into bloom several times or those like the Hebe Purple Pixie which has flowered non-stop from Spring until now … It still shows no sign of dying back for the Winter.

Hebe - Purple PixieHebe – Purple Pixie - December

Spider plant

I have grown Spider plants for years. It was not until two years ago that I decided to plant one in an outside tub for extra foliage. To my surprise this soft houseplant survived the Winter and remained growing in the pot outside. The following year I added a few more here and there and this year I have put them into the hanging baskets. They are probably the most easiest of all houseplants to grow as they throw off a long stem or two which has little white star like flowers bloom as these little flowers die off, tiny little plants begin to sprout on the stem. These are best left until they are a few inches tall, by which time the root buds can be seen on many of them. Gently break them off from the parent plant and place in a jam jar with a little water and the roots will grow at tremendous speed. The little plants can then be added either inside or outside the house.

Spider plants are a very useful addition to the family home as they have an ability to remove the toxins created by raw wood helping to create a more healthy environment.

Spider plantSpider plant … in the garden

White heather

It’s December, almost Christmas and in the garden the White Heather also known as ‘Lucky Heather’ is now in full bloom. Remember to break off a couple of small stems of it and put one at your front door and the other at your back door (either inside or out or if you have plenty then both). This is supposed to mean that every time any person crosses the threshold of your home, whether through the front or back door they bring good luck into your home to all who dwell in it or visit it. From time-to-time, we all need a little good luck. It is one of the most easiest of all of the heathers to grow and will snuggle down into a small crack of soil so is well worth planting.

White heather - lucky heather

White heather - often known as Lucky HeatherWhite Heather affectionately known as 'Lucky Heather’


‘The Services:

Army, Royal Air Force, Navy  - people who join the Services love their job and their country more than life itself. They are the ultimate patriots and the rest of us could never come close to what they are prepared to give.’  Anon

British SoldiersPicture courtesy of 'Tommy: the British Soldier in combat mission.'


Worcestershire is like an old tapestry – rich, ancient and complex in its make-up with wonderful names that are entwined in the mesh of its very detailed history. The names of its rivers and hills date back to the first people who walked and farmed the land well before its many invasions by warring warriors. Hills were just often called hills in the ancient tongue and so as various areas became invaded then a new word for hill would be added and so the title of the hill became in actual fact ‘hill hill’ – one version from each language.

Worcester is the largest town in the county of Worcestershire. Its people, it is believed originate from a tribe of people who were linked to the winding river and it is alleged were called the Weogora tribe. The town centre was known as Wirecestre around the time of The Doomsday Book.

The weather in Worcestershire today:


The first day of the month of December has arrived and with it a severe drop in the temperature. Over night it fell by several degrees below zero and so came …  the frost. Plants that were soft, delicate, tender and vulnerable have been chewed away by the ice crystals.

Geranium - 2.12.09 after a frosty night

Miniature rose - 2.12.09 after a frosty night

Rose - 2.12.09 after a frosty night

Iceberg rose - 2.12.09 after a frosty nigh

White Iceberg Rose - 2.12.09 after a frosty nightA few slightly bruised looking flowers after the 1st December frost