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1984 - Big Brother comes to watch us

There has always been talk about how much surveillance there is watching the ordinary man on the street. We now have one of the latest 'talking' cameras being installed into a Worcestershire town. This will enable camera operators to view members of the public - and if they begin to do something undesirable, the operator has a microphone with which the operator can speak to the public.

These have, apparently, become quite popular in a number of towns making the public aware that if they are doing anything undesirable from causing a disturbance to dropping litter it will not be tolerated. The new 'talking' camera in Worcestershire will come into operation next month.


Anonymous said...

The first time one of these cameras spoke to me I lost a few lbs. My heinous crime was lighting up a fag while waiting for a bus and the voice of god boomed at me to "move away from the shelter!". I moved the required 4 paces away in one swift leap.

Have you seen the various anti-surveillance camera theatre groups who perform around the place? Here's a picture from New York http://www.notbored.org/newyork.jpg

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Anonymous said...

This is crazy. Technology is getting out of hand with its uses. I'm just going to move into the woods and give them all the finger.