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Nose cuts and nose splits

There are a percentage of the population which are prone to getting cuts or splits in the tender soft tissue inside either one or both nostrils. It is very difficult to heal these cuts as nose tissue is both damp and inclined to hold bacteria. This condition is both painful and sore.

The best solution which works remarkably well and quite swiftly in the majority of sufferers is pure organic coconut oil. Place the coconut oil all around and inside the nostril before washing the face two or three times each day until the nose is quite comfortable. Coconut oil is the best cure for this problem as it kills off bad bacteria leaving good bacteria in place. It also kills off any fungal spores. It works better than petroleum jelly because it heals and protects. It is nature’s magic healing potion. One little warning and that is try and purchase organic oil so that it is pure and free from any additives that may irritate or even worsen the problem. Some people find that coconut oil works much better for them if they also consume a spoonful each day of treatment.

It cured me within a few days when nothing else worked! Touch wood, the problem has never returned.



Nose cuts and nose splits and how to cure the problem

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