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Code secret - cracked

This was the code to crack - I have placed the name 'Random Ramblings' using the coded letters ~ thank goodness I had to write no more for the words I ended up with were like a language from out of space. See what you think - why not have a go at writing your name using the code ... or may be a letter. Perhaps it would be unwise to write any directions as you may never find exactly how to get to where you want to go!

My website Random Ramblings is: Shikatotemorin Shikarintutakitojiari ... unpronouncable! lol

Have a go, write your name - most of all enjoy!!!


Anonymous said...

i did this one and my name stinks... lol..

i just launched a new blog.. check out the design and leave me some comment if you get a chance. i am also running a contest for a chance to win a spot to advertise. :)

i hope you can join in.

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Jackie said...

Oh dear,
You did come up with a dilly didn't you?

LOL, the day I did mine I also included three other memes. All four memes on one day in one post.

And in the middle of my Japanese name was the spelling mimi...sounds like meme huh?

I though that was appropriate!!:-)wvs

CapricornWoman said...

I did this one a few days ago, it's fun but quite unpronounceable lol