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Baby real squirrel animated gif's

It is Easter Monday ... I have no Easter bunnies - but thought you may enjoy real life baby squirrel animated gif's. I enjoy gif's because they enable you to send short films to friends and family by simply clicking onto them, then copy and pasting them onto emails. I think this is one of the most enjoyable things from modern technology. Of course you cannot have many frames in each gif but if you place them onto emails they enable you to forward a small piece of film to far off places. Enjoy ... Image Hosted by ImageShack.us Image Hosted by ImageShack.us


ltthings said...

Thank you for stopping by at my blog & lovely comment!! I love the little squirel & bunny ..they are so precious !

Kikey said...

they look cute! :)

WolfDen said...

Wow love this little squirel, enjoyed your weblog, still a lot to read tough.
Have Fun!