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Dandelions welcome in the longer days

Although so much bad weather had been recently forecast, it was surprisingly bright and sunny yesterday afternoon and I was able to take a few pictures of some of the wild flowers that seemed to have wintered in the garden.

Dandelion (daisy family)

Primula (primrose family)
The primula is one of the border varieties that has successfully been grown in our heavy clay soil.
Lesser Celandine (buttercup family)


Tera Rose said...

hello there......
dandelions already? WOW. I am jealous. We won't see them in my yard until at least MAY...unless we have a crazy heat snap which we have been known to have.

Your blog is amazing. Love the animation.

You show a picture with a house in the background- care to tell me what the roof is made out of. They are different than the roofs we have around here and I am curious.

It's nice to meet you.

Monique said...

We have yet to see any of these, but I am looking forward to it. Every year my mother called to complain to me about the "Daddylions" in her yard. I love it.

moukelis said...

Oh,dandellions,we sure have a lot of them here in Greece...:@)
Really nice photos!;@)

CindyPTN said...

Our yard if filled with them. Our landscaper neighbor offered his weed killing solution. His yard is so green and lush. We took him up on his offer!

glitch said...

I used to be buy a handmade soap, they call it dandelion. I really love the smell of it, too bad that the store went bankrupt. Whew! I wonder how dandelion smells like... hmmn.