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Weather not fit for ducks

Overnight the winds pushed northwards and began to batter northern Britain. Several areas were affected worse than others. We could still hear the ferocity of the wind as all kinds of items rattled through the night and gusts howled like wild beasts. One of the main contenders as the winds moved up the country was the town of Preston. Worst affected were the older areas of the town as at least one building began to crumble and its roof started to topple down onto the pavement. We are awaiting to see if after tonight the weather will remain calm . . .


耳东 士心 羊羽 said...

Thx for viewing my blog...nice to meet u

Stephanie said...

Thank you for the compliments! I have never tried oatcakes! Do you have a favorite recipe? I'd love to try it out! And marzipan is delicious, you mean the little candies? I've seen it in tubes at the supermarket, too, but in recipes I usually use almond paste instead.
Also, I hope the weather in Britain improves! I wish I could send some of our Florida sun to you!