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Knight in shining armour

When I decided to have my ears pierced, I was more than a little wary as I had seen quite a few examples of uneven holes and lopsided earring positions. I hunted around and found a jeweller that used an old fashioned piercing method with good precision. My earlobe made an awful crunching noise as the needle went through the skin. Then I had to have the second one done!

Finally, when I looked in the mirror I was pleased with the result as the holes were evenly matched and small gold studs had been placed in position. Then came the regular bathing to heal the open wounds. The one healed very quickly but the other oozed with stickiness for week after week and month after month.

After reaching the point when I truly began to wonder if it would ever heal at all, I met up with a friend who had had a similar problem. Hers had wept and oozed for almost four years when, by chance she happened to mention it to an elderly country lady who had told her the secret of how to make it heal. I was all agog - what was this magical answer? I was told it was very simple - all that I had to do was buy a block of Knight's Castile soap - take the studs out every morning wash both the ears and the studs thoroughly with a good lathering of the soap and water, rinse and dry and replace the studs. I was told no other soap will work it must be this particular brand.

It all seemed too good to be true - how could something so simple work? But it did - and very quickly too. I was so surprised at the effectiveness of this simple old fashioned remedy ~ it was simply soap and water magic!


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